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Digitise Your Fax Management!

Tired of manually printing, scanning and uploading faxes to your clinical system? With our GoFax integration, you don't have to be. 

  • Send all information to one inbox
  • Remove human error through automation
  • Save time and money by going paperless
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Introducing Support for Faxed Documents

ReferralNet allows you to send and receive a range of clinical documents electronically, but it has been limited when it comes to dealing with faxed documents. Until now..

How It Works - Our GoFax Integration

GoFax is a secure, reliable and easy-to-use online fax and SMS platform that now integrates with our ReferralNet platform. Allowing you to transform inbound faxes into e-referrals direct to your inbox.

GoFax - Diagram

All you have to do is create a GoFax account and contact support to link it to ReferralNet.

It's easy!

Get Started Today

  1. Complete the form or give us a call on
    +61 3 9675 0600 to get started

  2. Our team will help you create a GoFax account

  3. Our team will help link your GoFax with your ReferralNet account

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